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Date: Friday, November 21, 1:00 pm EDT
Event: National Committee on Voting Integrity Press Conference
Conference call at 1 512 225 3050, passcode 65889#
Contact: Emily Cadei, NCVI Secretary 1 202 483 1140

National Committee on Voter Integrity to Discuss
Electronic Voting Systems

WASHINGTON, DC - The National Committee on Voter Integrity (NCVI) will hold a press conference today to discuss the reliability and integrity of electronic voting systems. The committee will also present the letter it is sending to the presidential candidates, calling on them to state their position on electronic voting machines and asking what steps they believe should be taken to ensure the integrity of the election process. The press conference will be accessible via conference call at 1 512 225 3050.

The adoption of new computerized voting systems, accelerated by the chaotic 2000 Presidential election and the Help America Vote Act of 2002, has raised concerns about the security and integrity of voting technology. Reports from Johns Hopkins University and the Congressional Research Service, as well as investigations of recent elections, have raised further questions about the reliability of voting systems.

The National Committee on Voter Integrity (NCVI) was established to promote voter-verified balloting and to preserve privacy protections for elections in the United States. The Committee brings together experts on voting issues from across the country.

Speaking at the press conference will be leading experts, including Peter G. Neumann, David Chaum, Lillie Coney, David L. Dill, Douglas Jones, Stanley A. Klein, Vince Lipsio, Rebecca T. Mercuri, Marc Rotenberg, and Avi Rubin.

The National Committee is a non-partisan organization made up of leading technical experts, lawyers, journalists, and citizens. NCVI maintains a web site at