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Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 10:00 AM
Event: LCCR Press Conference on Recommendations
Contact: Lillie Coney, NCVI 1 202 483 1140 x 111

National Committee on Voting Integrity Endorses
The LCCR and Brennan Center’s Recommendations
to U.S. Election Officials

WASHINGTON, DC - Members of the National Committee for Voting Integrity (NCVI), would like to commend the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the Brennan Law Center for your efforts to increase awareness among Election Administrators on methods for addressing many concerns communicated by computer security experts regarding currently available direct recording electronic (DRE) voting technology. Your recommendation to Election Officials that they request that companies make their underlying software code for electronic voting technology available for inspection is the first step that our committee has outlined as being key to restoring trust in public elections. The NCVI will continue to work for a comprehensive security review of all voting technology to fully resolve all security issues so that our nation’s election system will truly be the envy of the free world.

The Committee believes that for these recommendations to be effective, even for minimal protections, they must involve the full cooperation of the legal system, the secretaries of states, the state and federal legislatures, and the vendors. Furthermore, as Election Officials implement the LCCR and Brennan Center's Recommendations the NCVI believes that it is advisable that they also prepare physical ballot voting alternatives that must be available in all precincts for all voters, should the security reviews turn up serious flaws that can not be remedied in time for the November election, and to inspire the confidence of the millions of voters who have indicated their mistrust of the self-auditing DRE systems.

The National Committee for Voting Integrity (NCVI) brings together experts on voting issues from across the country to promote constructive dialogue among computer scientists, elections administrators, policymakers, the media and the public on the best methods for achieving a voter verified balloting system. In keeping with the goal of public election administration, election systems must preserve vote accuracy; insure privacy, and the proper tabulation of the voter's intent regardless of his or her physical condition, language of origin, or literacy ability

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Committee Members: Peter G. Neumman, Chair * David Burnham * David Chaum* Cindy Cohn * Lillie Coney * David L. Dill * David Jefferson * Jackie Kane * Douglas W. Jones * Stanley A. Klein * Vincent J. Lipsio * Rebecca T. Mercuri * Justin Moore * Jamin Raskin * Marc Rotenberg * Avi Rubin * Bruce Schneier * Paul M. Schwartz * Barbara Simons * Sam Smith

The National Committee for Voting Integrity was established to promote voter-verified balloting and to preserve privacy protections for elections in the United States. The National Committee is a non-partisan organization made up of leading technical experts, lawyers, journalists, and citizens.