E-voting Acronyms

DRE -- Direct Record Electronic
EAC -- Election Assistance Commission (site)
DMCA -- Digital Millennium Copyright Act
FEC -- Federal Election Commission (site)
FVSS -- Federal Voting Systems Standards
HAVA -- Help America Vote Act
IACREOT -- International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers (site)
ITAA -- Information Technology Association Of America (site)
NASED -- National Association of State Election Directors (site)
NCVI -- National Committee for Voting Integrity
NIST -- National Institute of Standards and Technology (site)
NRTL -- Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory
OEA -- Office of Election Administration, Federal Election Commission
TGDC -- Technical Guidelines Development Committee (site)
UCITA -- Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act
VSS - Voting System Standards
VVPAT -- Verified Voter Paper Audit Trail
VVPB -- Voter Verified Paper Ballot