National Committee for Voting Integrity

November 21, 2003

Dear Presidential Candidate,

We are writing to you regarding the integrity of the voting machines in the United States.  It is our view that some of the technologies that have been adopted to tabulate votes, both before and after the 2000 Presidential election, pose a significant risk to the integrity of the democratic process in the United States.

We write to you specifically to ask your views on this matter.  What steps do you believe should be taken to ensure the integrity of voting?

We look forward to your response.  We will post all of the responses on


Peter G. Neumman, Chair * David Burnham * David Chaum* Cindy Cohn * Lillie Coney * David L. Dill * David Jefferson * Jackie Kane * Douglas W. Jones * Stanley A. Klein * Vincent J. Lipsio * Rebecca T. Mercuri * Justin Moore * Jamin Raskin * Marc Rotenberg * Avi Rubin * Bruce Schneier * Paul M. Schwartz * Barbara Simons * Sam Smith

The National Committee for Voting Integrity was established to promote voter-verified balloting and to preserve privacy protections for elections in the United States. The National Committee is a non-partisan organization made up of leading technical experts, lawyers, journalists, and citizens.

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